Engaging Math Number Fun with Double Sided Beans

Amazing math fun with double sided beans teach magically
Working with numbers in math is a skill that needs a lot of practice for kindergarten students. One fun way to practice addition facts and math number fun is with double sided beans. These are so much fun because they give kiddos a chance to play and interact with a manipulative, a 2 sided bean. Check out a few fun math videos that I use to start any math lesson.
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math fun with double sided beans teach magically
When I first started working, I spray painted lima beans with red spray paint. One side was red and the other was bean colored. I quickly found 2 sided plastic beans that were much easier. You could also use 2 sided counters just as well.

Working on number sense using double sided beans.

How do you play?
 Each pair had 3 red/white beans.
Shake them;
Drop them.
Tell how many red and how many white.
1 red and 2 white makes 3.
double sided beans counting 3 teach magically
Once the 3 math facts were mastered, we then use other numbers!

Fill the table with double sided beans!

double sided beans on table teach magically
engaging math number fun double sided beans with 5 teach magically
Pick a number to use!  Fill the table but be sure to say how many red and white!
After we practice with a number, we complete a recording sheet in groups or by ourselves.
engaging math number fun of students working on a double sided bean recording sheet teach magicallyAfter students drop the beans and say how many red and white beans that make the total. They record the number by coloring the red beans.
engaging math number fun Number 5 recording sheet double sided beans teach magically
This recording sheet tells the families what we did in school and how to practice at home. It makes a great home/school connection.

Great ideas for other math skills.

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