Meet Debora, author of Teach Magically

Hello! I'm Debora, author of Teach Magically.

I must say that teaching is the best career ever! Yes, it’s difficult and taxing at times but when you focus on the kiddos in your classroom, how they feel about learning, each other, and themselves…it will be magical.

The curriculum, grades, and ALL the paper work come WAY after the experiences in your class, and I believe the magic starts with the magician! I hope you feel that way too! 

My educational background

I have a bachelors degree in K-8 Elementary Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania as well as 63 masters credits beyond a masters, and I’m probably not done learning yet!

In addition to my education, I’ve taken on a few leadership roles within my district. I’ve served as an Envirothon Teacher, the Math Curriculum Leader, the Kindergarten Curriculum Leader, and as the Kindergarten Grade Level Leader. Now, I’m the author of Teach Magically too!

My Class in Action

about my family

I married my high school sweetheart but it’s even more sappy than a Hallmark movie. We actually have pictures of us laying in a crib together because our parents were great friends. Such great friends that my dad is his Godfather.

My husband tells a story that in 7th grade his best friend asked me to wear his ballcap, and I said no. I remember asking my parents if Ted and I were related because my dad was his Godfather. I was relieved that they said no, but we were just friends until our senior year when I finally called him to ask him out on a date.

We have 3 beautiful children, girl, boy, girl. I have been a dance mom, wrestling and football mom, and field hockey mom. My children and teaching are my greatest passions. Coming in a close second is reading. Any good book recommendations?