Best 10 Amazing Videos for Kindergarten Math Skills

Best 10 Amazing Videos for Kindergarten Math Skills Teach Magically

10 Best Math Videos

I love to use these best 10 amazing videos to practice and teach math skills! By adding movement and a catchy tune, students remember concepts much easier than if I was just speaking. These are the skills needed for all kindergarten math students. You can check out my favorite 3D Shape videos, too!

Best 10 Amazing Videos for Kindergarten Math Skills Teach Magically

The following are the 10 best videos teacher tested, kid approved math videos.

1. I Can Write My Numbers 

Practice writing numbers in air, the first step to handwriting. This video focuses on the digits 0-9 so they can write any number once they learn the pattern. Many students use the rhyming words to help them remember the formation.

2. Number Rock

I use this at the beginning of the year to practice counting to 20 with the number! It is also a fun way to get some movement when they need to move.

3. Let’s Get Fit

Students love to move and exercise to count to 100. Jack Hartman is usually my “go to” videos. He explains many skills easily. This video is great practice with movement.

4. Shapes, Sides, and Vertices 

Perfect for 2 D practice with the math words we use to describe the shapes. Students really start to understand these difficult math words. Yep, Jack Hartman again!

5. Number in the Teens They Start with a One

Just for those kiddos that have difficulty identifying teen numbers. Perfect for recall.

6. Numbers in the Teens

Number sense practice! A must for understanding number sense. This makes it so easy to understand the difficult concept of teen numbers as 10 and some more.

7. Teenage Numbers

Explains the idea of teen numbers! So important for introduction of teen numbers. It is a teaching video not a song.

8. 3D Shapes I Know

Fun 3 D shapes! Catchy tune! Shows real 3D shapes.

9. Shapes for Kids

2D practice movement song. Write the basic shapes in the air, circle, square, triangle, rectangle, and oval.

10. The Shapes Song (Oh, Boy Oh Man) Punk Rock Song

Fast song with children showing the shapes. Fun to teach all the shapes. (circle, oval, triangle, trapezoid, rhombus, square, rectangle, and parallelogram.) It talks about the shapes within the shapes, too. 

Great ideas for other math skills.

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