Best 6 Amazing Videos to Teach 3D Shapes

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Math Jokes - 3D Shapes

Use these best 6 amazing videos to teach 3D shapes. The activities and games will be much easier to develop the  3D shapes concept. You can check out Best 10 Videos to Teach Tricky Teen Numbers that I also use regularly.
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1. 3D Shapes  by Jack Hartman-Provides real world shapes in a fun song. So kiddos love to stand up and move with this video.

2. 3D Shapes Song for Kids by NUMBEROCK-Tells real world shapes with a cute song. Difficult math words are included so it develops math vocabulary. The tune is catch and quick so don’t be afraid.

3. Learn 3D Shapes for Kids– A story like video that teaches about sphere, cube, pyramid, cylinder, cone, triangular prism, rectangular prism, and hexagonal prism in an easy way. It’s the perfect way to combine language and math skills…because there is never enough time to do it all!

4. The 3D Shape Song- A soft song using the words “I am a___.” It shows sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, prism, and pyramid. Also shows length, width, and height. Also another fun way to combine reading and math.

5. 3D Shapes | First Grade and Kindergarten Learning- This is 20 minute teaching video that reviews the 2D shapes and then discusses the 3D videos.

6. How to Describe 3D Shapes- This 6 minute video describes what makes 3D shapes and links the 2D shapes. Because combing these 2 skills develops a deeper understanding of geometry.

Hope these fun videos help you teach 3D shapes!
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