8 Best Videos to Teach the Tricky Teen Numbers

best videos to teach teen numbers teach magically

Teen numbers can be so difficult for kiddos. These are the best videos I have found to use in the classroom to build the understanding of teen numbers, understanding the place value, and writing teen numbers. Some are on my 10 Best Videos for Math post.

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I also provide independent practice with Boom Cards. I have included the Jack Hartmann teen number videos in my Boom Card Practice games to add another layer of fun. Check out a FREE sample. You can see all my Teen Number Activities Here.

1. Numberblocks – Teen Numbers

Join teen numbers – thirteen, fourteen & fifteen in this video. It really shows how teen numbers have a group of 10.

2. Numbers in the Teens (They start with a 1)

I always use this video AFTER I have taught the concept or teen number have group of 10. It’s for review and practice. It really hleps the students that struggle.

3. Teen Numbers Are So Much Fun! Identifying teen numbers & quantities

4. Addition Facts Song – Ten Plus Facts – It’s Not Five-Ten!

This video is all about numbers so I use it with students that understand number sense.


5. Teen Number Song and Routine: I Can Write Teen Numbers!

The students enjoy Teacher Toni’s accent. 


6. Numbers in the Teens (Have a Group of Tens)

This place value video helps with number sense.



7. Teen Numbers | Numbers in the Teens

The kiddos sing this one as they write numbers in other places. Fun tune.


8. Teen Numbers | Teen Numbers in the Air

I love to use this during brain breaks and to get some movement into math class. Writing in the air always happens before we write on paper.

I hope these videos help your kiddos learn and understand teen numbers!


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