Amazing Phonological Awareness and Math Thanksgiving Fun in Kindergarten

Amazing phonological awareness and math thanksgiving fun in kindergarten can happen easily with a few simple ideas. Check out all the cool things we do in kindergarten to make the month of November a time filled with engaging activities to develop phonological awareness and to  develop math skills.

Amazing Phonological Awareness and Math Thanksgiving Fun in Kindergarten each Magically

Amazing Phonological Awareness and Phonics Fun

We used the Turkey Wheel of Fun to find beginning sounds, letter id, and phonological awareness!  
We have to turn the light off to see the turkey with the document camera.

Practice Phonemic Awareness Skill of Segmenting

  1. Spin spinner
  2. Say the name of the picture “glue”
  3. Teacher “listen as I say the sounds in glue.” /g/ /l/ /u/
  4. Teacher “Now you say the sounds in glue.”
  5. Students “/g/ /l/ /u/”
  6. Find g on response page and mark.
  7. Spin again.
Spinner Game for Phonemic Awareness and Letter Identification
Click picture to check it out!
We tried to lay on the floor to color but it is hard so we traded positions if we became too tired!  Remember laying down to draw and write will build upper body strength!  Info about building better writers CLICK HERE! The OT happened to walk in as we were coloring! Yeah!  She thinks we are great!
Amazing Phonological Awareness and Math Thanksgiving Fun in Kindergarten Teach Magically_Pin

Amazing Phonological Awareness Activities for November


We practice singing our Pilgrim song!  It helped us learn so many facts!  We also tried to use sign language!  

Boy, that is a lot to remember!

Making Native American Toys!

Stick, yarn, paper, and pipe cleaners!
Teach Magically Gross Motor Game

We drew a Native American “word” on the front and back! (That one says friend!)
Game to work fine motor skills

Then had to practice getting the circle pipe cleaner onto a horn!

Great eye hand coordination practice! Grab Fine and Gross Motor Ideas here!

Math Thanksgiving Fun in Kindergarten

We even looked for turkeys hidden around the room to practice counting sets! This helps with learning math facts, counting, and number sense. Click the picture to check it out.
Teach Magically student holding up math picture
Number Sense and Math Facts Practice

Hope this gave you few fun ideas!

Teach Magically,


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