Great STEAM with Reading Response

Teach Magically STEAM and reading response monsters
Finding ways to develop STEAM and reading is a great way to develop so many skills needed by students. STEAM is the educational discipline that engages students around the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math. Check out this great STEAM with reading response that we did in our classroom. It went perfectly with our read aloud. Check out Tips and Tricks for Read Aloud Time.
Great STEAM with Reading Response book Teach Magically
The students loved hearing me read “There Was an Old Monster” by the Caldecott medalist, Ed Emberley,  his daughter, and granddaughter.  Then we created these great STEAM monsters to go as a reading response.
They laughed along with the funny text by Rebecca Emberley, and loved repeating it.  Don’t be surprised if you hear this silly book when the kiddos are working independently, during recess or even when they are in centers.
The cool song was a favorite!  Click here to the song by Adrian Emberley.
Great STEAM with Reading Response monster craft Teach Magically
Check out the cool monsters!  We pressed paint into a folded piece of paper. (Art)
Then we cut shapes or used cut shapes to make the details (math).  Circle eyes were very difficult but it was great fine motor practice.
We used an app called chatter pix and made the monster tell something that happened in the story! (tech) Students had to retell what they remembered from the story so this helped develop memory skills and comprehension skills.

Class Retelling

This is a great book to retell because of all the animals. Another group was working on remembering the order in stories so we worked together to retell the story using @ShadowPuppet. (reading) Each students had a part to retell because we were just learning about this skill.
I hope this gave you a few ideas of ways to incorporate science, math, technology, art, and reading to make kindergarten engaging and fun.
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