Number Fun with Beans

Working on number sense using 2 sided beans.  How do you play?
 Each pair had 3 red/white beans.
Shake them;
Drop them.
Tell how many red and how many white.
1 red and 2 white makes 3.

 We then use other numbers!

Fill the table!

Pick a number to use!  Fill the table but be sure to say how many red and white!
After we practice with a number, we fill in a recording sheet! 
 Students drop the beans and say how many red and white beans that make the total.  Then they record the number by coloring the red beans.
This sheet tells the families what we did in school and how to practice at home.

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  1. Katie Ellingson~Kindergarten Rocks

    I Love the hands on options for kids! Great activities!

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