How to Develop Number Sense and Numbers

How to develop number sense and numbers in math for kindergarten and primary students to make learning and practice engaging can seem daunting but it just takes a bit of time to create a few games and activities.

We have been working so hard this year to develop number sense!

What do we do?

Matching Number Sense Teach MagicallyWe use dot pictures to tell what we see!  Most of the time, they are hidden around the room and we search for them!How to Develop Number Sense and Numbers Teach MagicallyWe have to tell what we see or count the dots and find a match.  So many can now tell by saying, “I see two and two so I know there are four.” Oh yeah!
We used dice to play many games! Dice are a perfect tool to help kiddos develop number sense and subitizing. 

Comparing Numbers teach MagicallyDice Number Sense Teach Magically

 We rolled a dice and hopped to the number!  It was fun to see if the students had to count the dots or subitized!
When we played letter games, we compared our winning spots to decide who has more or less!
We used a NUMBER PATH to count and search for totals from story problems!
Cutting Number Path Teach MagicallyNumber path Teach Magically
We are working on connecting the dots we see to the number that represents those dots and “wrapping” presents for Christmas!  Click on present to get the free game!
Gift coloring Teach Magically
It is so much fun to see the learning that is happening!  Kindergarten is the BEST!
Teach Magically,

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