Wonderful Christmas Art for Kindergarten

Wonderful Christmas art for kindergarten happens easily with these Jackson Pollock inspired trees. The kiddos learn about a famous artist while using many skills to create a wonderful Christmas art project.
All of the projects turn out differently with the paint.
You could also have the kiddos cut their own trees to help with fine motor skills. I usually decide based on the amount of time I have to complete the project.
Christmas Tree Craft Inspired by Jackson Pollock by Teach Magically

What to Gather 

  • cut tree shapes from construction paper ( I used 9X12)
  • red, green, white tempra paint ( It cleans up the best.)
  • 3-5 marbles per paint
  • small containers
  • paper box tops
  • markers to write names on back 

Introducing Wonderful Christmas Art for Kindergarten

Watch a video about the famous artist Jackson Pollock! Having some kind of understanding of content is a great way to develop vocabulary and learning. Creating art then makes learning about a famous artist more engaging and fun for the kiddos….part of STEAM.

Creating Wonderful Christmas Art

 Write name on back or precut tree and place into a paper box lid.
wonderful art Christmas tree in box

Place paint and marbles into cup and shake.

Wonderful Christmas art project by Teach Magically

Dump marbles on top of tree and shake.
Wonderful Christmas art for kindergarten Teach Magically
Let dry
Wonderful Christmas Art

Other Wonderful Christmas Art for Kindergarten

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  1. Unknown

    Hailee was so happy she got to bring in the marbles and use them for such a fun activity!

    1. Debora Marines

      I used them again this year! Tell her thanks!

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