Amazing Math Skills with Dice

Amazing Math Skills with Dice Teach Magically

Amazing math skills with dice can help students develop number sense, subitizing, and a positive classroom community. Students rolled dice and practice counting the dice dots or remembering the quantity of dice shown without counting, which is called subsidizing.  If students are able to easily subsidize quantities, then counting large amounts of items will be made easier by viewing items in small groups such as 5’s rather than 1’s.Kids with dice counting Teach Magically

The dollar store has plastic dice attached to a string. I cut off the string and use them in groups and/or partners. The dice roll quietly because they are plastic so that’s why I love to use them in the classroom.

Amazing Math Skills with Dice Kiddos counting number 5 on dice Teach Magically

This is a great activity to observe the students that can count one to one, know the dice number shapes ( or can subitize), and can work with a partner to take turns.  I love activities that show many things at once! Don’t you?

Amazing Math Skills with Dice Teach Magically
The students also practice giving feedback! “Great  job!” or “You counted those dots one at a time. Way to use your math skills!” or ever double thumbs up!!
Number Sense Dice game Teach Magically

I also line to add the numbers on a number line. They hop to the number rolled which adds a little movement!  Then the kiddos turn around and count back. So counting happens easily.

Check out a fun game to practice with doubles and addition-Addition Math Fun.

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