Fantastic Fun Games To Easily Develop Math Skills

Fantastic fun games to easily develop math skills Teach Magically
Math and working with numbers is one of my favorite parts of the day!  The hardest part is that is seems to take a lot of practice to keep numbers and quantities in the mind of a 5 or 6 year old!  SO play a few fantastic fun games to easily develop math skills for kindergarten students or any student.

Always play a lot of games to easily develop math skills!

Teachers need to remember that playing games is NOT a waste of time! It is an intelligent and purposeful use of class time! We use the game Number Sense and Addition Math Games Jellybeans

Check out this fun game that is so easy!

1. Roll dice
2. Count dots on the dice
3. Find the number to represent the dots.
There are so many skills covered in this one game! 

  • numeration
  • one to one counting
  •  numeral recognition
  • fine motor coloring
  • visual perception of line
Fantastic Fun Games To Easily Develop Math Skills TeachMagically
If you make it a game and students need to take turns, you add many other important skills and build confidence through play! Students work on attention skills because they have to watch and understand about taking turns. Inhibitory control and active listening are practiced by waiting for a turn and not just grabbing the dice. Working memory practice happens if you make them color a bean based on the color on the dice.
Students that master numbers 1-6 and understand the numeration, move to adding! Two dice are thrown then they must be added together to color the sum.
 Students must also try a number sentence before coloring! So they have to say,   “Six plus four equals ten.” 
If we run out of time, the student that colored the most jelly beans wins so we are practicing more and less than!

What fun games can you play in the classroom to make learning magical?!?

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  1. B. Dixon

    Exactly what I advocate, adults need to understand that games are not a waste of time, they help develop a lot of skills in children, like the one you mentioned! great information, Thanks for this!

    1. Debora Marines

      Thanks so much for the feedback! We need to spread the word!

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