How to Create an Amazing Christmas Wreath

Check out how to create an amazing Christmas wreath. This fun Christmas project helps practice cutting skills, estimation, folding and problem solving! Although, you can always use other colors if there are students that don’t celebrate Christmas.

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TeachMagically Christmas Craft Wreath Pin

How easy and fun is it!

How to Create an Amazing Christmas Wreath

1st– First, fold a piece of 9X12 green construction paper in half…hot dog fold  in other words, down vertical middle.Teach Magically Christmas Craft Wreath Folding2nd-Secondly, fold it again…hot dog style.Teach Magically Christmas Craft Wreath Folding

3rd-Thirdly, open it half way. It should now be folded in half with folded edge pointed towards the belly. The open edge is away from the body, and there is a folded line running horizontally across the paper.Teach Magically Christmas Craft Wreath

4th– Next, cut straight lines, evenly from the folded paper edge to the folded middle line. Be sure to cut right to the middle line!  “Touch the middle line!” is what I always say to help the kiddos.Teach Magically Scissor skills5th– Keep cutting equal size lines!  Be sure to emphasize thumb up, elbow in!Cutting lines for wreath Teach Magically6th-Keep going until the end! Teach Magically Cutting Teach Magically fine motor7th– Next, open paper entirely.

TeachMagically Christmas Craft Wreath

8th-Next, fold 2 outer edges to touch in the middle.

 TeachMagically Christmas Craft WreathTeach Magically Christmas Craft Wreath 



The Difficult Part of the Craft

9th-Fold into a triangular prism. Of course, it’s on  a great in action math lesson.

TeachMagically Christmas Craft Wreath

10th– At this point, staple edges together!TeachMagically Christmas Craft Wreath

11th-Finally, decorate. The kiddos love to cut and glitter red bows. Of course glitter is the best part!!TeachMagically Christmas Craft Wreath

Cutting Skills Sheet for Fine Motor Work

It is so important to practice scissor skills! Click to get a copy of the cutting guide!

Cutting Guide from Teach Magically

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