Easy Inexpensive Christmas Craft for STEM

Check out the cool Christmas math activity we completed! It combined counting, patterns, and poetry all at the same time! Perfect STEM! Grab it here~ Christmas Count Down and Poem

Easy Inexpensive Christmas Craft for STEM Kids with Bell Teach Magically

Warning-Easy Inexpensive Christmas Craft Math Activity Links take TIME!

This takes some extra time for kindergarten students. One teacher told me it took from 8:30-10:30. I did it in 2 days because my time was limited but only 3 needed to finish. 

Counting out 12 red and 12 green links then gluing them together takes time so I usually do it the day before we are ready to glue it together. I cut a large 12 X 18 inch construction paper into 1 inch strips.

Click for more Christmas Math Activity and Poem Action Pictures

Kids making links for easy inexpensive Christmas STEM craft Teach Magically

When to do this Easy, Inexpensive Christmas Craft 

You could always do this any time in December. Use the calendar to figure out the total number of chains needed and then create a pattern to get to Christmas Eve. It would be a great STEAM activity!

I always trace the bell on yellow paper, but when I did this with 3rd and 4th grade students, they did the tracing and cutting. Be sure to remind kiddos about the best way to cut with scissors. This activity is perfect for fine motor development. Don’t forget to glitter! It makes is so much more fun!

Easy Inexpensive Christmas Craft for STEM bell Teach Magically
Be sure to glitter!

Christmas Poem Shared or Guided Reading

I use the poem in guided or shared reading. It is difficult for some kindergarten students to read so they need to point to each word as I read it the first time.

Then on the following days of the month, I have a small copy for each student to “read” with me. Students need to point and follow along as I read. They can join, and we choral read. This develops fluency. Then I ask the students to find any word they can read. The students get to search for words in the poem and explain to the group “how” they know that word. 

We then discuss about “the sandman casting his spell” and what it means. Perfect for higher order thinking of comprehension. Grab FREE comprehension page HERE

We also talk about rhyming words. So I would say, ” Count and amount rhyme. They sound the same at the end. What else rhymes with count and amount?” The we would brainstorm other rhyming words…Remember nonsense words count plus they add some giggles!???? On another day, we would rhyme spell and bell.Christmas Bell Poem Teach Magically Easy Inexpensive Christmas Craft for STEM
Don’t forget to create one for the classroom and discuss other things the students do to get ready for Christmas. This would make a great morning meeting activity. “What does your family do to get ready fr Christmas?” It’s a great oral language activity and builds text to self comprehension.

You can check out Christmas Wreaths for some other fine motor work!

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