3 Amazing Activities For Magically Learning Letters and Sounds

3 Amazing ways to learn letters and sounds letters Teach Magically

Learning letters and sounds can be easy?

Learning letters and sounds takes time and needs a lot of practice…some students need more practice than others. Therefore, I like to do the following 3 activities along with Fun Videos when students are learning letters and sounds. Consequently, these 3 activities also work well for students having trouble.
Activity for learning letters and sounds

1. Boom Cards to Help Learn Letters and Sounds

Boom cards are always free for teachers. If you don’t purchase the app, you can assign the games with a Fastplay pin. Therefore, these fun self checking games make practice engaging. In other words, students can’t pick a wrong answer and think it is correct because the Boom cards are self checking.

Be sure to focus on games that have 3 or less answers. Most importantly, the game should have few words.

I always start with letter names until at least 40 total of capital and lower case letter names are know consistently.

Letter Unicorn Boom Cards
Click to check it out.
Once at least 40 letter names are known, I switch to games that teach beginning sounds with the letter.
Letter and Sounds Dinosaur Game
Click to try a few.

2. Tracing Letters and Saying the Sounds

Letter A Letter and Sound tracing booklet
Click to Grab it

Most importantly, using the pointer fingers of the dominate hand will help send the letters and sounds to long term memory.

  • I make a booklet that has all the letters in the alphabet
  • They trace the letter and say it out loud and then say the sound
  • Start with the letters of their name

Once they know the letter and the sound, we will put a star on that letter and they don’t have to keep repeating that letter. However, I always give them a choice.

If students have difficulty. I use hand over hand to guide for the correct formation. Consequently, handwriting is also improved.

3. Drill Sandwich

This process in one of the most effective intervention strategies to help learn any information. Never add a new piece of information until the cards you are practicing happen quickly and efficiently.

Best Activity for Learning Letters and Sounds

Check out How To Set Up a Drill Sandwich

  • Most effective if they have a hard time learning
  • Sandwich the new letter between two letters they already know.
  • Only give them three new things each time
  • Review every single day
  • Don’t give them a chance to get it wrong
  • Only do this for 2-3 minutes at a time
  • Do not get rid of the letters they already know
Check out How I Helped a Struggling Learner.
I hope these simple activities will help your kiddos magically learn the letters and sounds.
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