Easy Way to Do Word Work with Word Families

Teach Magically Easy Way to Do Word Work with Word Families
Teaching word families helps beginning readers see patterns and to look into words. This part of phonics really helps beginning readers.

Easy ways to teach word families?

First, create an anchor chart to write word family words as a group. In addition, click here to see how rhyming and onset/rhyme is incorporated. So far, it takes about a week for all of this to happen! So don’t rush.

Teach Magically Easy Way to Do Word Work with Word Families

Create the list and practice reading it  each day. 
  • First, the students chorally read the word. 
  • Then I say the rhyme chunks, and the students have to find the word.
  • Finally, I segment the word…/c/  /a/  /t/…the students have to say the word…cat! Then someone finds it! Students taking turns and searching for words is fun!

In any event, we focus on phonemic awareness and phonics! Obviously, I pick one of these things to do each day, and have fun!

Teach Magically Word Family Anchor Chart
Once we have 2 charts, we are ready to sort some words!
Teach Magically Word Family Worksheets
We focus on the -at and -an chucks!  Cut and paste to sort the words and practice reading. Check out Successive Blending to help with reading. Remember: reading quickly works the brain.
Teach Magically Word Family Worksheets
Then we add more sorts! As a matter of fact, students can also work on writing more words the stretch their learning.
Teach Magically Word Family Worksheets
This is the resource I used to help the students look through the word and focus on the word families.  It has really helped my students!  Hope it helps yours! Word Family Word Work!
Additionally, the sequence below  may help you plan but it is included in resource so no need to worry.
Easy Way to Do Word Work with Word Families Pin Teach Magically

The Same Vowel

Short a families:
-AN (Start with 2 families.)
-AT (Add another and review one.)
-AG, -AP (Try 3, but include a familiar one for review.)
-AG, -AN
(blends for differentiation)
–AT, -AN, -AP
–AD, -AN, -AP
-AD, -AP, -ACK (Try 4, with some familiar ones makes it easier.)
Short i families:
–IT, -IP
–IG, -IP,
–IN, -ID,
-ILL, -ICK (Be ready to pick up the pace.)
Short O families: 
 –OT, -OG, -OP, -OCK
Short E Families:  
–ET, -EN, -ED, -ELL

Short U families:  

Make everyday magical,
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