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Valentine’s Day and all Special Days are a really busy time for everyone…ESPECIALLY teachers! Therefore, I make February a month of Valentine’s Day Fun! I found a few, fun, free Valentine’s Day resources for all teachers to use….and I love FREE!

Check out some great FREE TEACHING Valentine’s Day Resources and some Ultimate Valentine’s Day Ideas you can use all month long, like me!

Save Time and Effort

Many of these resources will save you time and effort! I always click and download the resource, then I add the image to Pinterest so I can find it later! Are you like me?!?

Check all of them out then click the photo of what you want to download from TpT and teach!…easy, peasy, lemon squeezy! And we all LOVE that!


Heart Picture Teach Magically Free Ideas for Valentine's Day

Don’t forget to let the authors know how much you appreciate their hard work in your feedback on Tpt or blog comments so we are encouraged to keep the freebies flowing! I love to read all feedback plus it helps me understand what teachers want….not just what I use!

My Favorite NOT FREE Valentine’s Resource

This is one of my favorite activities to do with K kiddos!

I LOVE the spelling of love! They are so excited when they can spell it by themselves. All at once authentic writing happens daily…cards to moms, dads, friends and ME!

Having the student incorporate writing helps me hit a few standards at once…I need all the time saving hacks I can get! There is never enough time to cover all the curriculum.

Free Valentine's Day Resource Teach Magically

Free Valentine’s Day Resources

Phonemic awareness word ladders teach magically
Check out all my FREE resources👈🏾CLICK !

I hope you find a few cool things to make February Magical! It can be an extremely trying month with all the excitement so any time saving tips, hacks, or ideas would be appreciated. Be sure to comment below to share the love!














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  1. Rachele

    How do I access the candy heart graphing freebie?

    1. Debora Marines

      Just click on the picture. It will take you to Tpt, and you can download it.

    2. Debora Marines

      I took that resource away. The seller must have made it paid. Hopefully you found something else to use.

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