Amazing Giraffe STEAM for Kindergarten

STEAM for kindergarten Teach Magically
Amazing giraffe STEAM for kindergarten can happen easily to help kiddos learn about research. It takes some time and effort and a whole lot of modeling but the results are so cool. Then check out other STEAM ideas.
Amazing Giraffe STEAM For Kindergarten Teach Magically

We read about giraffes in guided reading, checked out research on PebbleGo, and searched books to create amazing giraffe facts for kindergarten. Then we made giraffe puppets and recorded what we learned on cool videos.

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What facts did you learn about giraffes? It was very difficult for kindergarten kiddos to remember all of the facts they knew when in front of a video so we stopped after each fact to let the kiddos think then we combined them into one video.

Why do STEAM in kindergarten?

1. Establish a Lifelong Love for Learning
STEAM activities help kiddos get excited about science, technology, engineering, art, and math by presenting opportunities through fun and valuable experiences which build a positive relationship with learning and helps develop higher learning ideas.

2. Build Confidence and Self Esteem
STEAM is fun and engaging, but it can also help children feel more confident in themselves and in their abilities. Check out ways the build confidence through play HERE.

3. Develop Critical Thinking Skills
The STEAM approach teaches kiddos how to process information effectively. Introducing this type of scientific thinking to kiddos instills essential critical thinking skills, and eventually helps them become better problem solvers.

4. Nurture Creativity
Providing opportunities for kiddos to be creative happens with STEAM activities, along with encouraging them to use their imaginations which can benefit every aspect of their development. Basically, that’s what great thinkers like scientists do; they think creatively!

5. Improve Communication Skills
The STEAM approach to learning focuses on letting kiddos explore and experiment with new materials, tools, and concepts. This naturally helps build kiddos’ vocabulary so they are more comfortable to share thoughts, opinions, and emotions.


STEM for Kindergarten Teach Magically

I hope you geta chance to try a little research and videos for your classroom!

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