Outstanding Owl STEAM! Nothing To Hoot About

Outstanding Owl STEAM! Nothing To Hoot About Teach Magically
The best thing about teaching is discovering new things with the learners! I loved the unit we did focusing on owls. The Owl Unit combined reading, writing, research, math, science, art and physical education. outstanding owl STEAM activities is nothing to hoot about.🦉
Hall display at end of lesson.
First, we read and discuss different fiction owl themed books then we researched and wrote about owls. We immersed ourselves with owls in reading and math! 

Owl Fiction Books

One of my favorite books, Owl Moon by Jane Yolen, was a student favorite. I was so surprised at how quiet and calm they were when I read it. The language and pictures are amazing!
They also loved Owl Babies. The video on YouTube is really cool!

 Owl Art

The we painted owls! It was messy but fun!

 Owl Research

After reading fiction books, we began our owl science study. We began with a schema chart.
The learners told me the facts they knew about owls, and I recorded their ideas on a pink post it note. I had to be very careful not to make faces at the wrong ideas so we could learn as we went. 
As we studied nonfiction owl books, we filled out a Can, Do, Have chart.

 Be sure to check out Epic for teachers for your research. 

It is a free resource, and I use it for fiction and nonfiction. When finished with the research, we moved our misconceptions then recorded new learning on yellow post it notes. This part is so important for learners….it really helps with meta-cognition.
Then we wrote 3 facts we remembered from our week of research. The students loved drawing an owl to go with the writing, and they used the rhyming posters so writing was easier.
It was amazing to see the different things that were remembered.

Owl Guided Reading Word Work

During guided reading skill time, we blended cvc words on an owls nest then matched a colorful, cute owl picture. This really helped with phonemic awareness. I scaffold the lesson depending on ability. Students that were already reading, segmented then blended the sounds to read the words and matched the picture. Students that were still learning the letters and sounds had some help from me. I stretched the picture and we looked for beginning or ending sounds to find the words.

Owl Independent Practice

Focusing on letters and sounds is such an important skill so we matched capital and lower case letter to cute owl nests. It was so much fun to watch the students put the letters into alphabetical order. This easy game placed into a center at this time of the year needs minimal directions.
We even practiced number sequence writing. This can be very difficult for some students so extra practice is a must!
These fun activities can be found it my Owl Unit. There is also a physical education chase game that focuses on the owl food chain.
Owl STEAM Teach Magically
Hope you can check out this fun unit!

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    Great activities! LOVE the owl theme!

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