Delightful Dinosaur Fun for Kindergarten

Delightful Dinosaur Fun for Kindergarten Teach Magically
Many students love everything about dinosaurs so a little delightful dinosaur fun was had in kindergarten.
I created an easy reader, emergent book to focus on the word here that we had been practicing with movement!  It is one of the crazy, dizzy words that has to be spelled because we can NOT stretch or sound it out in kindergarten.  Check out our marching video to practice!

The learners were so surprised that it was easy for them to read this book!  They were so proud!

Delightful Dinosaur Fun with Sentences

After reading the book, we focused on cutting apart a sentence form the book (BOY are we proud at how well we cut) Click here for Cutting Guide to help develop this difficult skill.
and putting it back together. It’s such a great activity to focus on all the things we know about print.  (Beginning sentence begins with a capital letter, ends with punctuation, spaces are between words, words begin with specific letters, the words need to go in an order to make sense)
Then we illustrated the sentence! Kiddos are so proud that it actually looks like something when they draw! Shapes do help with that! Kiddos can also add details to help tell the story of the sentence! Do you see the volcano?

 Sight Word Dinosaur Fun for Kindergarten

Then we practiced looking for dinosaur words in the rice table! I just cut out the card and placed them in the rice table. If you would like the pages check them out 👉🏾 searching for dinos!
 We write them on a recording sheet so we can take it home and share with our families! f course, I had the kiddos read the words to me before taking them home.
We can also choose to sort them on a sheet of words to spell or words to stretch! The little lightning bolts help the kiddos understand which words to stretch and which to spell.
Check out our Dinosaur Research to add a little science to dinosaur learning.
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