How to Easily Build Confidence Through Play

Children will also physically develop through play by practicing skills like hand-eye coordination, boosting social skills, expanding their critical thinking skills, and encouraging creativity. Progressing in these abilities can help kids succeed and feel capable and confident both academically and socially.
How to Easily Build Confidence Through Play Teach Magically

Children Build Confidence by Playing

All children love to play! When children play their language, physical, and cognitive abilities develop through their play experiences, as well as their concentration, imagination,  self-confidence and social skills. Check out how to develop active listening during play.
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Build Emotional Confidence through Play

Play helps kiddos process difficult emotions. Play gives kiddos a way to express things they are struggling with that they don’t yet have the words to fully explain. Giving kiddos space to play allows them to work through feelings such as fear, loss or even pain while being able to still act like a child.

Way to Build Self-Confidence Through Play

  • Give lots of praise when a child plays well.

  • Use age-appropriate toys that challenge a child’s understanding.

  • Gently encourage a child to play with puzzle toys.

  • Aim for the child to increase learning in small stages by providing a variety of play opportunities.

  • Provide choices.

  • Prove that you are interested by watching your child at play.

  • Be sympathetic when a child becomes frustrated in play.

  • Avoid comparing the way one child plays with the way another child plays.

  • Brag about the child’s play achievements in front of them.

  • Give the child your attention during the play time.

  • HAVE FUN!!

Check the pictures below for fun games that develop reading and math skills through play. You can see a few fun alphabet games we play to help develop phonemic awareness and letter identification.

 Make every day playful,

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    Boosting a child's self confidence through play is a wonderful idea!

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