STEM Winter Science Exploring Ice Cubes

We studied ice.  We used all of our 5 sense to explore ice cubes.

We used a magnifying glass to help us see better!

We tasted the cold ice cube!

We wrote about what we saw, tasted, felt, and smelled!

We decided to try an experiment to see how ling a container of ice would take to freeze outside on these cold days!  our science question:  How long does it take water to freeze?

We put the water outside with a thermometer.  We recorded what we saw each hour and wrote our observations.  We really thought it would freeze overnight.

The water never froze and the temperature went above freezing.  We then wondered why it freezes in the freezer!  

One student decided that maybe the air in the freezer was colder than the outside air.  We put a thermometer in the freezer in the teacher’s lounge and found that the temperature was 14 degrees.  

We decided that it needs to be really cold to freeze water in one day. 

Epic science failure resulted in great questions and observations!

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