Easy Science Activity for Kindergarten: Exploring Ice

Easy Science Activity for Kindergarten: Exploring Ice Teach Magically
Introducing kindergarten kiddo to the wonders of science through hands-on experiments and activities not only sparks curiosity but also lays the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. In this blog post you will see what we did with an easy science activity that explored ice in our kindergarten classroom to combine STEM, writing, and reading.
science for kindergarten exploring ice teach magically
We studied ice by using all of our 5 sense to explore  something we all have easy access to, ice cubes. To begin we reviewed the 5 senses that we previously studied. We talked about using taste, touch, smell, sounds, and our eyes to observe.

Kindergarten Science Activity with Ice

First, we observed an ice cube and then used a magnifying glass to help us see better!
science activity observing Ice Experiment teach magically
We smelled the cold ice cube! No one really thought there was any smell.
science activity observing Ice Experiment teach magically
Then of course we tasted the ice cube. But before we did that we discussed about how we knew it was safe to taste because we never put things in our mouths unless we know that are safe.
easy science ice experiment teach magically

Easy STEM, Writing, and Reading

We wrote about what we saw, tasted, felt, and smelled! Of course we didn’t hear any ice cracking. This was the perfect way to incorporate class writing. Notice the large spaces between the words!! Beginning readers and writers need to notice spaces.
science activity Ice Experiment observation teach magically
science activity Ice Experiment observation teach magically

Kindergarten Exploring Ice from Water

Then we decided to try an experiment to see how ling a container of ice would take to freeze outside on these cold days! Our science question:  How long does it take water to freeze?

science activity Ice Experiment jar of water teach magically

First, we put the water outside with a thermometer. Then we recorded what we saw each hour and wrote our observations. We really thought it would freeze overnight so that was our question or hypothesis.

Easy STEM Science Activity for Kindergarten Class Writing teach magically

The water never froze and the temperature went above freezing.  We then wondered why it freezes in the freezer!  

One student decided that maybe the air in the freezer was colder than the outside air. We put a thermometer in the freezer in the teacher’s lounge and found that the temperature was 14 degrees. We decided that it needs to be really cold to freeze water in one day.
Easy Science Activity for kindergarten pin teach magically
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Epic science failure resulted in great questions and observations!
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