Nursery Rhyme Dress up Day

WOW1 Check out the cool props for Nursery Rhyme Dress up Day!
We had so much fun for such a simple day!
The students worked on remembering and practicing their favorite Nursery Rhyme!
They had to create a simple costume and perform in front of the class!

Check out Jack be Nimble!  The racer!

 Here they are with their crayons to take home…you can see a few of the costumes!
I was so surprised to watch them do their rhymes from memory…ALONE!
One student refused to come into the room and hid under the table!  He was so nervous.  Once he watched his friends, he joined the group.  Then we said his rhyme all together and what do you know?…he performed for the class!

Check out the cat and the fiddle from Hey, Diddle Diddle!

Check out the performances we recorded on @Seesaw to send home with to the parents!  It was as if they were at the performance!  I LOVE SEESAW!
 We also graphed our favorite nursery rhyme and talked about graphs! 
Here are the resources I used!

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  1. Laura Williams

    What a terrific idea for a day! In my classroom, my English learners could really benefit from some additional practice in speaking and listening. Nursery rhymes are just the trick!

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