Can You Humpty Dumpty: Amazing Phonological Awareness

Can you Humpty Dumpty Phonological Awareness Activities
Nursery rhymes make the perfect starting point for Phonological Awareness Skills. The rhyming makes it fun and so many language skills can be taught along with STEM fun. Check out all the cool phonological awareness skills I teach with the cute nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.
humpty dumpty phonological awareness skills teach magically

Humpty dumpty skills teach magically


Retelling Humpy Dumpty Nursery Rhyme Activity

The students have to cut around the 4 rectangles then put the pictures in order from the beginning to the end! It was so fun to see their faces when I say, “Your pictures shows all the kings horses and men couldn’t put Humpty together again, then Humpty sat on the wall, then Humpty fell off the wall!” 
amazing phonological awareness sequence teach Magically
Then have the students point to the beginning, end, then middle of the story!  Asking out of order had many students pointing to the wrong answer! This really works left and right which helps with reading and writing.
After answering all questions, glue the pieces to a headband in order!  Yes, you have to work on which side of the paper shows the beginning (the left).
phonological awareness activities Teach Magically
Check out the cute finished product! Headbands! Yeah!
phonological awareness activities Teach Magically headbands

Paper Tearing Humpty Dumpty STEAM Art Activity

humpty dumpty paper tearing craft
Check how to teach paper tearing for fine motor skills.

Humpty Dumpty Anchor Chart

humpty Dumpty phonological awareness teach magically
I read and reread the poem many times with the students. This really helps with Word Awareness…one of the Phonological Awareness Skills  needed as a basis for reading and writing. Then we create this anchor chart to focus on the way writing consists of sentences, words, and letters. We also talk about the spaces and punctuation.
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