Writing Sight Words Easily with a Little Help from Rhyming

Writing Sight Words Easily with a Little Help from Rhyming  Teach Magically
I love to use rhyming posters to help students with writing. Many beginning readers and writers don’t know and or remember the way that letters look so pictures help. Writing sight words easily with a little help from rhyming posters can make writing workshop and centers so much easier fro the teacher and the kiddos!

How do I teach with the Rhyming Posters?

The rhyming posters make it easier for beginning readers and writers find words so the focus is the content of the writing.

 If the students can’t spell a word, it helps to say the picture.
I say, “What rhymes with “buzz?”
They look at the word wall or anchor chart and find the “buzz” picture to copy the word was…so reading happens, too!
Kidwriting from TeachMagically

You focus on the rhyming part of the rhyming posters.

Direct, explicit instruction in kindergarten!

“How?” you ask?  Click to see how I teach these words with direct, explicit instruction on Teach Words Easily. Depending on the level of the group, my instruction changes.
Students that have a good grasp of letter sound relationships write with just a bit of my help.
Mostly, my focus is:
☑️ reminding them of the spaces
☑️to expand their stories to include more details.
Students that have trouble with sound symbol relationships need a lot more guidance and modeling.
writing with TeachMagically
For students that need more guidance, we brainstorm a sentence together and count the words. We stretch or spell the words together. I write the word on the white board and the students do it on their papers. I still underwrite and have the students practice reading and rereading the sentences so reading happen naturally from the writing!
You can see that once the students are comfortable with finding the words, writing becomes effortless. She wrote this at free choice centers. So anytime writing happens without a prompt is a win-win!
You can see how it happen naturally when we were doing Sight Word | Word Searches for word work and a student became stuck on a sight word.

Literacy Centers for Writing

Below the students use the word poster during literacy centers to practice writing the words. Remember that copying from a horizontal plane is much easier that from the wall to the table or a vertical plane.

Click to check out the Rhyming Posters.

Rhyming Posters from TeachMagically
I love how they have turned out; the border added an extra touch that I love!  I printed them on card stock, laminated and cut them out!! Oh yeah, oh yeah!

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