10 Sensational Seesaw Ideas

What can you do with Seesaw?  Why should you use this free app in your classroom?  There are so many cool ideas but  providing a record of learning, reflection, and parent communication are the best reasons.  I plan to start right away using the resource provided by Seesaw to introduce the app to the students! Check out this Student Challenge!  I bet your students will love it!
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1. Researching and recording:  After learning all about dinosaurs, we pretended to discover a dinosaur, created it with colored paper, and then wrote about it!  The students thought  best part was  recording with Seesaw to share. Check out Dinosaur Stem Activity and Narrative Writing Resource.
2. Letter/Sound Learning: The students loved using BINGO dabbers to record learning on our Alphabet Assessment but then placing it on Seesaw to share with others provided the most amazing self discovery!

3. Rereading: I also used it to have the students record a rereading!  This probably made the most impact on my reading group time.  Students could work in pairs while I did a running record on another student.  I could then listen to the rereading for strategies and fluency after school.  It saved so much time; I was amazed!

4. Games: Recording of games for parents to see the learning that was happening made the students so proud!  I heard from so many parents that they were so happy to share with the kids at home!  Instead of hearing, “Nothing.” when the student came home, parents shared Seesaw and had many conversations!
 Students finished a game and then recorded what they did! This helps with accountability and engagement! They always wanted to finish a game to record. Feed the Animals Game.

Syllable Segmenting Game Teach Magically

5. Sound Fluency: Working and recording sounds for fluency help the students grow as readers.  Record the students reading the sounds in 1 minute!  The goal was to get to the end in a minute as quickly as possible!

6. Art Projects: Making fun Art Projects talk!  Some were just silly and others were done after class research! Check out my YouTube channel to see a few others.

7. Choral Reading: Recording students chorally reading together!  They were so proud to actually be looking and the words and knowing what they said.  I “I am actually reading the words I see,” shouted an excited reader.

8.  Practice:  The students loved showing parents what they practiced, and then they had an example of what to do to practice at home!  Putting motions helps students remember!

9. Notes/Newsletters: Keeping parents and students up to date was so easy! I uploaded this picture and then recorded the information!  The students can also record class information as a newsletter.
10. FUN!  Showing students having fun got the most likes and results! Yeah!  We did a lot of fun things!

These are just a few of the many things we did using this great app. Check out a few more here!  I had so many parents ask if the next year’s teacher would be using this app; they really found it useful!

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