Fine Motor Fun for Kindergarten

fine motor fun for kindergarten painting teach Magically
This fine motor fun activities involved the use of shapes and position words (fun math skills) which will support the fine motor development of kindergarten kiddos. Of course it will help to build the strength and dexterity that is necessary to hold a pencil appropriately. Check out other ways to help with fine motor here or  FREE Fine Motor and Gross Motor Ideas.
Child drawing bee Teach Magically
Each one was done together with specific directions as I drew. For example:
“Draw a small circle.”
“Add a large circle for a body beside the small circle.”
Watercolor drawing fine motor Teach Magically
It is so amazing to see the differences between all of the art work!  We then used water colors with q-tips to work on those fine motor skills! Check out those great pencil grips because of grasping those small q-tips! Check out other Fine Motor Ideas.
Qtip Drawing Fine Motor Teach Magically
We practiced reading the sentence and spoke about all the phonological awareness skills. Then we used Seesaw (10 Ideas)…to practice pointing to one word at a time! It is really hard to do with a word like bumblebee that has 3 syllables (or claps as we call them!) See the best way to segment words.
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