Easy Visions of Christmas Craft

Writing after reading a story is perfect with this easy, visions of Christmas craft and writing activity. Read how easy and fun.
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After reading “The Night Before Christmas” poem.  We wrote about the visions dancing in our heads of what we really want for Christmas!  After all, most kindergarten kiddos are extremely focused on Christmas presents at this time of year. If you teach older students, you could have easy visions of the true meaning of Christmas.
I asked the kiddos, “What do you really want for Christmas? Close your eyes and imaging what you want.”

When you have kiddos imagine in their heads, You are practicing visualizing, a reading comprehension strategy. Kiddos create a picture in their minds.  Grab questions to help develop comprehension HERE.
This activity is also a great tie in to talk about when an illustrator draws “dreaming or thought boxes.”
Why do illustrators put them there?
How to dream boxes help the reader?  
It also lead to a great discussion of what “dancing in my head” (figurative language) means.
Christmas Crafts from Teach Magically

Creating Easy Visions of Christmas Craft

1. Read and discuss poem.
2. Students share what they are dreaming about this Christmas.
3. Take pictures of students with Santa hat pretending to sleep.
4. Print and cut out pictures.
5. Glue pictures to a doily. (Doily on Amazon)
6. Complete sentence and cut around edges.
7. Cut and glue to black construction paper.
 Check out the display of all the crafts we make.
Visions Christmas Craft TeachMagically

Craft Display

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