The Best Ways to Develop Math Number Sense

The Best Ways To Develop Math Number Sense Teach Magically
Number sense, numeration, and numbers need to be caught (not taught), explored, and investigated. It can be done with easy, fun activities. In view of that, check out the best ways to help develop math number sense in kindergarten or for beginning math kiddos.
pumpkin recording sheet teach magically

Have your students catch Number Sense!!

Number sense matching dice teach magically

Search for Number Sense!

matching dice teach magically

One of my favorite is Search the Room. I hide small cards around the room. The students walk around with a recording sheet to find matches. The students must count the dots, color the match, and then search for a new match. It is amazing to see the students that need to count the same number of dots over and over ( I can also quickly assess one to one counting)…then the ones that begin to add independently.

Then I make it fun by changing the solid blue squares into apples, pumpkins, turkeys, and presents depending on the month. The most important part is that the students get the chance to practice and catch number sense. It takes a lot of time and practice.

Best Math Number Path

Another fun activity is Number Path; think of a concrete representation of a number line. A number path should be use for K-2 learners instead of a number line because it shows an image instead of a space, which can be difficult for concrete learners.

pumpkin number path counting Teach Magically
Here a student is practicing counting while pointing to the number

Print the picture on card stock and cut in into groups of 5 to hang on the white board. I also make a copy for the students to cut into groups of 5 and take home to practice counting. By keeping the 5’s connected, subitizing and working with 5’s and 10’s becomes concrete.

Number sense number path Teach Magically
Students cutting apart number chart for home practice.
Yep! I like to let them cut to work their fine motor skills! Click here for Cutting Guide to help kiddos practice and learn how to cut.

 Number Sense turkey  number path Teach Magically

I make the 1-5 path bigger with a document camera and the students used the number path to “show” how to solve addition and subtraction word problems. 
Christmas gifts matching number Teach Magically
You can also cut apart a second sample for ordering practice. Match the individual number to the ordered set. The groups of 5 make this activity much easier than separate numbers.

Get Things Rolling for Math Number Sense

Kids rolling dice Teach Magically

 Rolling Dice games makes subitizing,  number id, and counting fun. We roll a dice, throw a bean bag to identify the number rolled, and hop to the number. Then turn and count backwards to hop back to 0. So many skills covered. To keep all the students involved, we record the number rolled and create a graph worksheet. Once everyone has a turn, we discuss the number that was rolled more and the number that was rolled less.  Counting again.

develop math number sense with dice teach magically

Sometimes we just roll a dice and fill in the graph! A great way to change it up is to use different colored dice
Recording sheet for math numbers Teach Magically
Keep the sheet the same! Students think it is new and fun, but they actually can do it themselves. This is one that is requested again and again by the students. Writing numbers takes a lot of practice also.
number path pin Teach Magically

Fun Resources for Math Number Sense

So many fun things to do with numbers!

Teach Magically,


In case you are interested, here are the resource I use. Click on the pictures to find the resources.

pumpkin math number sense Teach Magically Christmas gifts number sense teach magically
Apple number sense addition teach magically
number sense math dice game Teach Magically


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