Rhyming Practice

We have been working so hard to practice rhyming!  Here are the rhyming read aloud stories we love to read. We have been playing many games that the students love!

Rhyming Memory is THE favorite game!

We turn over about 18 matching cards in an array!

Students turn over 2 pictures at a time and state the picture names.  All students must say both name together and say if they rhyme or not!
If they don’t rhyme, it is the next learner’s turn.
If the 2 pictures rhyme, that learner goes again and searches for another rhyme.
They get so excited when a friend gets a rhyme,  It is so fun to watch!

Rhyming Smack!

 The students have 3 focus pictures, 
fan, bear, bug.
Another picture is turned over and the students must smack the focus picture that rhymes.
Both students smacked bug when the mug picture was turned over in the game.
We had a beautiful day so we went outside and used fly swatters to smack the rhyme!  Since we were outside, we got to yell the rhyme!!!

 Rhyming Sort

The three focus pictures are placed at the top of the table. A learner picks a cards from the pile and places it under the focus word that rhymes.
As we play, we often say all the words together to help develop the ability to add a rhyme word…the students crack up if a silly word is said.

Rhyming Dominoes

All the cards are divided between the players.  GO is placed first and the learner says the picture beside go (bat).  All the learners say words that rhyme (hat, pat, fat, mat)
Each learner looks for a rhyme.  The matched is placed and we start again.  They are always amazed at the path they create.

A Fun Assessment or Practice

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  1. Mme R's French Resources

    This looks like a lot of fun! My son had a hard time with rhyming words when he was in kindergarten. I think something fun like this would have been great for him!

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