Develop Number Sense Easily with a Game

Teach Magically Kids playing game to Develop Number Sense Easily with a Game

How can you help kiddos develop number sense easily? With a game of course. Be sure to practice just rolling one die and have kiddos tell you the number.

You will be able to easily see the kiddos that subitize yet so they may need to count the dots. Subitizing is the ability to look at a small set of objects and instantly know how many there are without counting them.

After practicing rolling 1 die and knowing the number (or counting if needed), the students then get to play a game!

How to Play a Game to Develop Number Sense

Kids playing math game to Develop Number Sense Easily Teach Magically


Materials: die, number cards 1-6, bean bag


  1. Roll die
  2. State number of dots (count if don’t know the number)
  3. Throw bean bag onto the number that shows how many dots

The other students practice making the number in the air so everyone is involved. You could also give the students a white board to practice writing the number. It may take a while to get that bean bag on the correct number ! 🙂

The kiddo that threw the bean bag has to hop and count to the number then turn around and hop back, hopefully counting backwards. Gross motor, counting, and subitizing fun!

Teach Magically Class Develop Number Sense Easily with a Game

You can download the numbers and directions for the game  Click here.

Once we practice as a group, the materials are placed in the math center and the students can practice during center work time or even at recess. Check out a few other Math Center Ideas.

Teach Magically Kids playing Develop Number Sense Easily with a Game
Will the beanbag land on the 3?

Do you have any other ideas for fun math games? I’d love to hear a few so comment below.

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