Best Focus Ideas for Classroom Management

Do you have any best focus ideas for classroom management? Getting students to focus can be difficult for many students. Teachers need a toolbox of strategies to students attention. Many teachers resort to raising their voice and getting angry especially when students are engaged in a loud activity or not responding to expectations. This creates a negative classroom culture which impedes learning so add a bunch of best focus ideas for classroom management to help your classroom run efficiently. best focus ideas for classroom management pin teach magically

Best Focus Idea for Classroom Management that I ????

Using signals is a perfect way to help students monitor and learn about focus. Can you see the fox?  Teachers hold up their fingers and say, “Focus Fox” then any student that heard or saw the movement copies the teacher and whispers, “Focus Fox” then silently has the fox fingers look around the room to find others that are focus ideas for classroom management pin teach magically  ????THIS IMAGE FOR LATER

Remember: It’s important to explicitly teach students what your

expectations are and how they should respond.

Check out Focus Fox and a few other silent signals I use.

Other Focus Ideas

1. Clap and Repeat- Simply pick a clapping pattern and the students repeat it. As more students join in the clap pattern spreads across the room until all students have stopped talking and are joining the clap party. Be prepared to clap a few patterns until you have every students attention. Clapping is the perfect, positive way to capture students attention.

2. Peace and Quiet- Say, “Peace and Quiet” Hold up a peace sign and place your pointer finger over your lips. Students then copy the peace and quiet sign. This will continue until all students are showing the peace and quiet signal and looking at you for directions. peace and quiet signal for focus teach magically

3. Lights Off- As soon as the light go off, students must freeze and look for the teacher. This is a strategy I use to grab the class attention immediately. I wait until everyone is quiet and looking at me before I give instructions. It is a quick signal that something needs to be said or something is about to happen. I leave the light off as I speak so even the atmosphere is quiet. When the light go on, students can continue working or complete any directions that were given.

You can check out Brain Research for Learning for other ideas to help with focus.




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  1. Hedgehog Reader

    I love the Focus Fox! I think any time we shake things up a little bit with a new signal, it really helps a lot!
    Thank you for sharing that – I am totally going to use it!
    :o) Pamela
    Hedgehog Reader

    1. Debora Marines

      So happy to hear that you have a new idea, Pamela! Would love to hear any more that you have.

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