Awesome Alphabet Activities for All Students

Amazing alphabet practice for all students teach magically
Learning the upper case and lower case letters of the alphabet can happen like magic when all students participate in awesome alphabet activities. Learning letters and sounds is an important first step in learning to read but it’s not as easy as it sounds. But it is easy to make working with the alphabet fun for all students!

What to use for awesome alphabet activities for all students?

Of course, you add any type of small candies to mark the spaces on a worksheet. We like to use gummy pumpkins during the fall season. During another season work with M&M’s or Smarties!
Amazing alphabet practice spinner game pin teach magically
Basically, we spin a spinner that contains all the letters then we find the matching pumpkin. The sheets are differentiated so kiddos that need lower case practice as compared to kiddos that need upper and lower case practice can still think they are doing the same thing.

An Amazing Alphabet Activity for Fluency

Reading an alphabet chart and pointing with a pointer makes phonics and letter naming fun. As the students point, you observe one to one awareness also. If kiddos have difficulty pointing to the letters hand over hand works best! Remember, teacher observation is critical.

Afterward, add a timer to work the part of the brain to develop fluency. Basically, set a timer for 1 minute. Have the students point and say the sound or letter. If a letter is said incorrectly, move back 3 spaces. Then continue. When the timer goes off, record the last letter spoken. Next time, try to get to a letter that was closer to the end.
Awesome alphabet pumpkin chart Teach Magically
We use a form that looks just like this with pumpkins! Instead of coloring the pumpkins we find, we put on a gummy pumpkin!
Pumpkin alphabet activity for all students teach magically
When removing the pumpkins have kiddos say the name and the sound.
Another way to make it fun is to move the pumpkin to cover up the letter spoken.
Yes, they can eat them if they want!
I hope you found a few ideas for ways to make alphabet practice engaging and fun.
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