My Best 4 Favorite Reading Strategies for Beginning Readers

My Best 4 Favorite Reading Strategies for Beginning Readers Teach magically
How do you use reading strategies to help young readers learn? Check out my best 4 favorite reading strategies for beginning readers especially kindergarten readers.

My Best 4 Favorite Reading Strategies for Beginning Readers Teach Magically
Have you read The Reading Strategies Book by Jennifer Serravallo. It really is “your everything guide to developing skilled readers.” Cracking the code to reading is not the most important part of reading. Comprehension plays a crucial role

You also need to develop vocabulary, discuss thoughts and connections to become engaged readers that love books! I love the following strategies I found in this book.



4 best reading strategies Teach Magically

 Reading Strategies for Beginning Readers

Comprehension of reading always worries me the most! It seems so difficult for some students especially beginning readers! So here are 4 strategies that seem to work the best for kindergarten beginning readers.

 1. Check the Picture for Help 

It helps the child to not only read what is happening but see what is happening as well. They can double check to make sure that word makes sense in the sentence before moving on and getting more confused. I think many students need to be taught this skill. The discussion in the group can’t skip this step that seems so easy to some.

 2. Try, Try,  Try Again

This is probably the most important strategy every reader should remember. It is especially difficult with some students. I like to fact that you actually teach it to the students, not just expect it. 
Teach the students to use all the things they have in their toolbox.
  • You know how to read words from left to right.
  • You know how to check the picture to see if it makes sense.
  • You know how to think about what is going on in a story, and how that can help you choose the right word.
  • You know how to look for parts of words you know inside of a larger word.

Teaching Fluency-Reading with Phrasing, Intonation, and Atomicity

 3. Think, “Have I Seen It on the Word Wall?” 

What a great idea as a warm up, to read the words on the word wall! I have done this in writing, but what a great connection to do it with reading as well to help develop automaticity with sight words. Just have the students read the word wall words as warm up! Then remind them to use those words in reading.
Word wall idea Teach Magically
Rhyming Sight Word Poster
I like to use this rhyming sight word poster in kindergarten at the beginning of the year before they have mastered sight words or with readers that struggle with this difficult words. It also helps with rhyming skills! (Plus is saves wall space)

4. Warm-Up and Transfer 

I love to do this with students when they just begin reading. I always did it for confidence but I love the idea to use with strategies. I love the use of:
  • “As you read, I want you to be aware of how you let your eyes go ahead of the word you are reading now,
  • How you scoop up many words at a time in a phrase,
  • How you read it based on how the character is thinking in an easy book,
  • Then try it in a just right book.”
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