End of Year but NOT the End of Learning, Amazing

End of year not the end of learning class teach magically 
The end of the year is fast approaching, but we are still learning! Best way to keep behaviors from spiraling out of control! Keep them busy!!!

What are we doing to stay engaged?

End of the year but not the end of learning by Teach Magically📌THIS IMAGE FOR LATER

We have started a study of insects. We are learning that they have 3 body parts and 6 legs! Great as we watch caterpillars turn into butterflies!
Pulling pattern blocks from a bag and graphing to see which was pulled is a fun way to keep kiddos learning.
Students making shapes teach magically
Make it even more fun by adding a blindfold! Kiddos had to use their senses to describe the sides and angles.blindfold teach magically
Roll dice to practice writing numbers 1-6 or use a math template to make sure the they go in the right direction! We still mess this up in kindergarten!
End of Year but NOT end of Learning kids practicing teach magically
We continue to work on “spilling beans” to find parts of a total! This type of numeration work helps develop fact fluency!
rereading End of Year but NOT end of Learning teach magically
 Re-read stories that we know! It helps us practice fluency! Plus we are so proud that we can stretch words, reread and figure out words from the sentence/picture! Using all these strategies can be so difficult for beginning readers!
End of Year but NOT end of Learning ice cream sort teach magically
 Focusing on the sneaky, silent e makes reading more difficult books fun! We sort fun ice cream cones. This type of word work really focuses learners on looking through entire words!
Stretching and blending beautiful flowers keeps the learning fun! When we write the words we work on letter formation! Telling a sentence makes it more difficult, especially with nonsense words! You should hear those sentences!
I really think the students love this time of year because they are so successful and they do all of the work now instead of listening to me talk!

What do you do to keep learners engaged at the end of the year?

Teach Magically,

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