Do you know about Number Sense and Subitizing?

Do you know about Number Sense and  Subitizing? Teach Magically

Working with number sense in math takes a lot of teaching and practice in kindergarten, but don’t forget about with subitizing. Do you know about subitizing and number sense?

What is subitizing?

Subtilizing is the ability to see a small amount of objects and know how many there are without counting. So that means subitizing is what tells you what number you roll on a six sided dice without counting the dots. If your students have difficulty and always count the dots…you must practice until counting is no longer necessary! (Many will still have to count even if you do it every day!)
That is to say, roll a dice and try to tell the number without counting!  If kiddos have difficulties, let the students know that they can count, BUT only if needed!  

Few Fun Number Sense and Subitizing Activities

1. Color presents in December! The sheet has the dots to match and the number to help with number recognition. Download the free game by clicking here!

Teach Magically Subitizing Number Sense Gift Picture
2. Play hopscotch! (You can here to check out the game.) Just roll the dice, say the number, hop beside the number, turn around and hop back….yes, try to count backwards…if you can!

Number Sense and Subitizing Pin Teach Magically

3. Look for totals and the parts on number cards!

Teach Magically Number Sense Subitizing Gift Pictures
Have the students take a look at the cards!  They then tell the total and discuss the parts (hopefully your kiddos will begin to see the parts just by recognizing the shape, subitizing.) Discuss the thoughts then find a match on a recording sheet or write a number sentence! Get Number Cards Here)
4. Dot Cards Discussion. Talk about what is seen on dot cards! Students should explain the parts they see and how they found the totals.
Christmas Dot Card Teach Magically

Discussion of number sense and subitizing:

✅How many dots did you see?
✅Why did you know how many?
✅Tell how you knew that was _____?
✅What did you see?
✅Did anyone see it a different way?
Most importantly, it is so important to not to comment on answers!  You are trying to understand the thought process that is happening in the students’ heads!  
It also develops students’ understanding of how to explain what they are thinking! Not to mention, other may get a few ideas too!
Give the gift of number sense and subitizing to your students!

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