Fun Game for Phonemic Awareness for Beginning Readers

Bubble Gum Game Teach Magically Blog

Learning letters and sounds needs a lot of time to go to long term memory! So play some games and just keep practicing! Yes, you can play games in school!  Call them educational games if you need to explain yourself.

Review the letters and sounds to help make this information solid by playing Bubble Gum Fun! Check out fun Videos for Letters and Sounds for videos  that make learning letters and sounds engaging! 

This one simple game works on fine motor skills plus blending, segmenting, phonemic awareness, letter names, and letter sounds…so many phonological awareness skills.

Bubble Gum Game Teach Magically Blog 

How do you play?

  1. Chose a letter card  and tell the  picture (cat).  
  2. Say the beginning sound in cat /k/. 
  3. Then find the letter to color that matched the sound on the bubble gum boards. If it was on the board, the letter name was said, “c.” (Be sure to emphasize the difference between a letter name and the sound it makes!) 
  4. If all bubble gum circles are colored, yell, “Bubble Gum!”
Bubble Gum Game Teach Magically Blog

How to stretch?

After marking the letter….if the word had 4 or less sounds, stretch the word to work on phonemic awareness, the best indicator of reading success. 

Be sure to blend the words back together.

Segment cat- /k/  /a/  /t/           Segment vest- /v/  /e/  /s/  /t/

Check out Segmenting to learn more about this important skill!

Bubble Gum Game Teach Magically Blog

You could also add rhyming by having each child say a rhyming word to match the card chosen. Check out 5 Fabulous Rhyming Videos for more rhyming fun.
Say: cat…then they say hat, rat, fat, bat and even encourage “silly” words!

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