I Dare You! You Can Do It Teachers

You Can Do It Teachers Happy Classrooms Teach Magically
I have been so concerned with the posts I have been reading and listening to talk of some teachers! STANDARDS! PARENTS! BEHAVIOR!  The negativity that seems like venting makes teachers seem like they don’t love their jobs! Teaching is one of the hardest jobs ever because of the connections that are formed within the year or even years if you are a specialist. But attitude effects everyone so I dare you to be positive. You can do it  teachers.
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I DARE you!

Make your room happy!
I Dare You! You Can do It, Teachers Teach Magically
Then start talking about the happy stuff, for instance on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook share! Be sure to tag #happyclassrooms along with checking out Greg Smedley-Warren’s bog to read about ways to share the great things happening in education.

I DARE you!

Take a few minutes, smile and talk to your students!  Listen to them talk and interact!

I DARE you!

Stop overly obsessing about standards and/or data and focus on the learning of your students as a result of your great teaching! Then proclaim and broadcast it wherever it makes you comfortable. If you join my magical email list you can ALWAYS share with me!
Teacher and student being happy in the classroom Teach Magically

I DARE you!

For instance plan something fun!  After, 25+ years of teaching…they only remember the fun stuff! The fun stuff can be little or small. I remember in particular when a students came back years later to tell me the fun thing he remembered from my class was, ” Like the time you fell off the cooler at the field trip!”

I DARE you!

Promote other teachers that you see and hear creating “happy” classrooms!
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Debora from Teach Magically

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  1. Firstieland

    Debora……I so agree! I have to admit that I sometimes find myself falling into the trap of fretting over data, testing, etc. Those are the days that I have to remember to step back…..breathe……close my door and just teach. All of the new requirements of teachers can feel so overwhelming at times but those days when you do something fun and creative are when the real learning takes place. Thanks for the post…..I'm your newest follower!

    1. Debora Marines

      Thanks! Just teach and have fun! Hoping we all remember daily!

  2. MadameKenny

    Thanks for this post! I agree also. On our team we use laughter to remind ourselves how much we actually LOVE our jobs. We "allow" the occasional vent… and then we support ourselves and move on. We are the loudest wing in our school and it is usually due to belly laughs!!

    1. Debora Marines

      SO great to have that support! You are lucky!

  3. Lisa Prins

    I love that you posted this. This time of the year can be extra challenging with managing behavior, end of the year, etc. etc.!

    1. Debora Marines

      Just enjoy, Lisa! Time goes way to fast!

  4. Stars on the Spectrum

    Great post! Negativity and Positivity are both contagious. We decide which one to spread!

    1. Debora Marines

      Thanks…let's focus on positive!

  5. TechTeacherPto3

    Love these ideas – I'm going to take some into my classroom.

    1. Debora Marines

      Hope it goes well!

  6. Unknown

    Thank you teachers. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for educating and inspiring our future. Thank you for spending your entire day loving and protecting our children. Thank you for spending your own hard earned money to make your classroom a fun and productive environment to educate. Thank you for giving up your time on nights and weekends volunteering for extra-cirricular activities and lesson planning. YOU are super!! YOU are heros!! You are SUPERHEROS!!!

    Thank you,
    Jason Warren
    The Mister – The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

    1. Debora Marines

      Thanks, Jason! Thanks for for the support! Only someone that lives with a teacher understands!

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