Best Way to Learn the Alphabet

What can you do to help students learn the letter names or the sounds? Just a few minutes of practice. Reading an alphabet chart each day will help learners remember the letters of the alphabet!

Each day we point to each letter with a squiggly “eye” pointer and say the letter names and or sounds depending on your focus. I made these cute pointer by hot gluing a squiggly eye to a tongue depressor. 

l,  m,  n,  o, p

are emphasized each time!  (These are so hard at the beginning of kindergarten!)
Video tape the students and send home electronically (I use Seesaw, a free teacher app)!    Hopefully, each student will now practice at home each night!
Doing it each day helps build long term memory!
We also practice saying the letter names as we cross our bodies!   Crossing the mid-line and adding movement also helps send information to long term memory!  Plus it’s fun!
In groups, the students marked the alphabet chart with a BINGO dabber after spinning our apple spinner! This really helps them find the letters.

I like to use the same practice each day just change the clip art based on the month; the directions are so much easier the second and third time around!  If students learn the letter names, we will then focus on the sounds!


 Learning the letter names and sounds will happen quickly if practiced each day!

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