Check it out! Conversations From the Classroom

I’m so excited to be posting as a contributor to this blog, the 3rd of the month!  I have learned so much about teaching and learning from these amazing facilitators!  You might want to follow this blog. 
Check out the sale and give away! Conversations from the Classroom

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  1. Tracy Smith

    I can't wait to buy some of these DOLLAR DEALS!

    1. Debora Marines

      Be sure to join the giveaway!

  2. Crystal @Primary on the Prowl

    I can't wait for the give away!

    1. Debora Marines

      It is exciting!

  3. 2 Scoops of Kindergarten

    Looks great! 🙂

    1. Debora Marines

      So many great teachers collaborating, Gloaria!

  4. Lisa Prins

    Looking forward to working more with you and learning from you and the other collaborators!

    1. Debora Marines

      I am so amazed at the dedication and intelligence of the group! In AWE!

  5. Wild Child’s Mossy Oak Musings


    1. Debora Marines

      Thanks, so fun!

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